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May 2006

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bygone era February 2006

February 28, 2006

Ready For Takeoff?

From Buck Rogers to 007, the jetpack has fueled our greatest personal-technology fantasies. For Juan Lozano, it has inspired a lifelong obsession.

jetpack rocketman
If he's lucky, when he turns the throttle, his 90 percent hydrogen peroxide will expand to 5,000 times its size and convert to steam that will reach 1,300˚F. If he's lucky, he will then be thrust 30 feet into the air, where he will fly for as long as 30 seconds, all while tethered to a 20-foot safety pole. If he's lucky, self-taught Mexican rocket scientist Juan Manuel Lozano will someday become one of just a handful of people in history to make an untethered flight with a rocket belt. And if he's very lucky, he'll do all this without breaking any bones—or blowing himself up.


February 27, 2006

Russian Ration Review

Russian rationsThomas, a visitor to MREInfo, recently obtained a Russian ration and was kind/brave/generous enough to take some pictures and write a review of the ration.


February 25, 2006

100+ National Archives films now on Google Video

Google today announced the addition of 103 historic films from the US National Archives in Google Video. Includes footage of the Apollo 11 mission (and the first person to step on the moon), and NASA documentaries on spaceflight.


Diamond Filtered Vodka

[Diaka] will be vodka imported from Poland which utilizes an industry first patented diamond filtration process. The process utilizes nearly one hundred diamonds of up to one carat in size, and results in a vodka with "unsurpassed clarity and smoothness".

Equal in luxury to the vodka is the Diaka bottle. It is produced in a never-before-utilized manufacturing process that allows crystals to become part of the bottle itself. The bottle is considered an important creative breakthrough in design and manufacturing for the industry.


February 24, 2006

Dynamic Einstein

Specify your own text for Einstein's chalk board.

cosmic heat


February 19, 2006

Russian Reindeer Hide Shoes

In 1786, the Danish ship Catherina von Flensburg sank off the coast of Cornwall, and its cargo of Russian leather went to the bottom of Plymouth Sound. Two hundred years later, the wreck was found - along with the hides, largely undamaged by two centuries underwater. The hides were sold to finance excavation of the brig, so (thanks to British cobblers New & Lingwood) you can own shoes cut from 200-year-old reindeer hide salvaged from a shipwrecked Danish brigantine.


February 17, 2006

Russian Roulette Chocolate

By combining one of life's great pleasures (chocolate) with one of death's best buddies (Russian Roulette), clever confectioners have come up with this fiendishly amusing gift box.

Seated in individual compartments, twelve chocolate bullets lay waiting to be bitten into. Although eleven of the sweet little slugs contain delicious praline centres, one conceals a seriously red hot chilli that's guaranteed to blow your head off - metaphorically, at least.


February 15, 2006

Photos of the First Few Microseconds of an Atomic Blast

Ever wondered what an atomic blast looks like before it obliterates everything around it? Before the smoke, the mushroom cloud, the devastation, it's really quite amazing to see the first few fractions of an atomic bomb upon detonation.


NASA Moon Plans Advance

NASA is fleshing out details of launch vehicles, robotic and human exploration systems that can enable a sustained back to the Moon effort, including possible establishment of an Antarctic-like lunar outpost.

"The first step to Mars and beyond is getting back to the Moon," said Scott Horowitz, NASA Associate Administrator for the Exploration Systems Mission Directorate at the Space Technology & Applications International Forum (STAIF) held here this week.


February 05, 2006

Duck and Cover

In 1951, this film was created as public service to teach people how to survive an atomic war. Got an unruly monkey dangling from a tree with a firecracker? Duck and cover. Atomic bomb? You know the drill...


February 03, 2006

Smoking out photo hoaxes with software

Dartmouth College professor Hany Farid is no fan of Josef Stalin, but he acknowledges that the photo retouching done during the Soviet era was top notch.

"That was impressive work. I've seen some of the originals," Farid said. The Soviets just didn't airbrush their victims out, he added. They painted in new backgrounds on the negatives.


February 01, 2006

New Style of Ads in U.S. Absolut Vodka Campaign

After 25 years and 1,500 versions of print ads built around the shape of its bottle, Absolut vodka is shelving the campaign that made it famous.


The Smell of Moondust

When the Apollo astronauts returned to their lunar landers, they all noticed that the moondust - which had clung to their boots and suits - had some interesting properties. For starters, it smelled like spent gunpowder; as if someone had just fired a gun in the lander. Apollo 17's Jack Schmitt came down with a brief case of extraterrestrial hay fever.