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May 2006

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bygone era August 2003

August 19, 2003

Nuclear Power Station on Mars

You know, when I pick out articles and web pages to be featured here on Seeing Red, I look for items that would be of interest to the typical Red Elvises aficionado (if there is such a thing), and adhere to a few basic guidelines. A good Seeing Red item should be tongue in cheek, and should be either reminiscent of RE lyrics or fall into at least one of several RE-related categories; Elvis, alcohol, the Apocalypse, space, etc. Crossovers are even better, like the Elvis as Rocketman, Atomic Barware, or The Top 9 Mixed Drinks of Scientists. But today I've come across a triple threat. A hat trick. A perfect storm. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the proposed Russian nuclear power plant on Mars.


August 06, 2003

The "Sovietization" of America

Johnson's Russia List is running an editorial by Andrei Sitov, the Washington bureau chief of the Russian news agency ITAR-TASS, entitled America: Back in the USSR? A specter is haunting the US. (You'll have to scroll down a fair bit to #5, no anchor tags.)


Send a Birthday Greeting to the Martian Chronicler

On August 22, 2003, Ray (Martian Chronicles) Bradbury turns 83 years old. To honor the man who has contributed so much to the world of science fiction, The Planetary Society wants to present Mr. Bradbury with the world's largest birthday card - with "Happy Birthday" wishes from fans around the world.

The Planetary Society will collect names and birthday greetings through August 20, 2003. Send your birthday wishes at: