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May 2006

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bygone era June 2003

June 25, 2003

We'll All Fry Together When We Fry

Apocalyptic scenarios range from the ho-hum like nuclear war, to the esoteric and purely theoretical like uncompressed quarks, and this article in Wired lists a whole bunch of them. Many, like the seeming threats of chemical weapons and proliferating nanobots, are debunked, and the author asserts that "a high-calorie, low-exertion lifestyle is far more likely to harm you than a vagrant black hole".
In that case, I'm doomed. Pass the chocolate ice cream, please.


June 20, 2003

More Homeland Security silliness

Here's something for the kiddies: get the current Terror Alert level displayed on your web page with these fun and friendly Muppets, from Geek and Proud.
Terror Alert Level
And here's something most decidedly not for the kiddies. I knew it wouldn't be long before someone co-opted the Yellow "Elevated" alert status...


Think I'll wear Severe today...

Y02Y5679384Y9815751.0001.04.THUMBZZZ.jpgExpress your Personal Level of Insecurity with these colorful sterling silver and Plexiglas Homeland Security chokers. For the bargain price of $250!


June 18, 2003

Martian Soil

Martian Soil is a daily blog dedicated to Mars, "bringing the exploration of the Red Planet closer to enthusiasts and little green men alike".


Absolut Foucault

The Author-Function and the Founding of Postmodern Vodka Discourse


The Museum of Anti-Alcohol Posters

alko08.gifApparently there was an anti-alcohol campaign in the USSR in the mid-80's that produced a slew of propaganda posters and succeeded in raising the price of alcohol.


June 09, 2003

Superman: Red Son

Superman: Red SonWhat if baby Kal-El's spaceship had crashed on Earth 12 hours earlier, in the Ukraine instead of middle America? The new 3-issue comic book series Superman: Red Son envisions the Man of Steel as a good-hearted citizen of the USSR, helping to spread communism across them world. Wonder Woman is his girlfriend; Batman is an anti-Soviet terrorist; Lex Luthor becomes U.S. president. This alternate-universe jaunt is not just for fun: writer Mark Millar says it's a timely exploration of what happens when one all-powerful country anoints itself leader of the world.


Lego Astrobots to Make Mars Journey

astrobotsBiff Starling, a "Lego American" (that's the polite terminology these days, you know) has succeeded his partner, Sandy Moondust, as the first Lego Astrobot scheduled to land on the Red Planet due to Sandy's "freak zucchini accident". (I'm not even going to ask.) After Sandy recovers, she'll ride along on the second Mars rover later this month. Both heroic astrobots will ride aboard a mini-DVD which will carry the names of 4 million people who submitted their names before launch.

Children can follow along with Starling's and Moondust's fictional yet educational adventures in online diaries at The toy company also started a test version of their Mars Stations project. People can log into and remotely control several small LEGO rovers at different locations around the world in simulated Mars-scapes.

This system operates very similarly to how the real Mars Exploration Rovers work. A controller sends a command and the rover moves a little. The LEGO rovers have Web cams mounted on them so the controller can't see the rovers themselves as they move, just the landscape around them.

The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex has a life-sized replica of the Mars Exploration Rovers on display. It's made entirely of LEGO bricks.


A Bad Time to Fall Asleep

Laura Fermi, the widow of Enrico Fermi, relates an anecdote about a delay in the testing of the first atomic bomb.


June 07, 2003

The Orbitz Martini

..."I decided to use the "everything tastes good with gin" philosophy that has brought me so far in life. Sure, Orbitz tastes sickeningly sweet and flat, even when brand new, so perhaps that life giving nectar of gin would spice it up! Ladies and gentleman, I proceeded to make perhaps the only ORBITZ MARTINI this millenium has ever seen!"