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May 2006

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bygone era March 2003

March 05, 2003

Stop clapping, this is serious

Tom Lehrer gives a rare interview to an Australian news site. (For those too young to be in the know, Tom Lehrer gave us, among other works,
The Masochism Tango, The Elements, and--my personal favorite--Poisoning Pigeons in the Park.)


March 04, 2003

The Top 9 Mixed Drinks of Scientists

9. Mint Joule Up
8. Highbuckyball
7. Cosmopolitan Constant
6. Manhattan Project
5. Mai Bow-Tai
4. Gene and Tonic
3. Heisenberg's Headsplitter: You either know its taste or your position, but not both at the same time.
2. Pina Collider
and the Number 1 Mixed Drink of Scientists...
1. Hair of Schrodinger's Cat: Drink enough of 'em and have fun arguing whether or not you're drunk.