Seeing Red

Kitsch 'n giggles for the ROKENROL scene


May 2006

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bygone era February 2003

February 11, 2003

The Red (and Blue) Planet

What Mars would look like if it still had its original water.


February 05, 2003

Dammit, there go my chances

Russia suspends all space tourism plans in the wake of the Columbia disaster.


February 01, 2003

NASA loses contact with Space Shuttle Columbia

NASA lost contact with space shuttle Columbia at 9 a.m. this morning, 16 minutes before its scheduled landing. They're showing footage of debris raining over Dallas now.

The cause is not yet clear, but I think the chances of it being terrorism are slim. They were so high and traveling so fast, they would be a tough target...

I am truly upset. My condolences to the families of the astronauts.