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May 2006

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bygone era January 2003

January 31, 2003

Joy of Bellydancing

(Shamelessly lifted verbatim from MetaFilter.) Jasmina's Joy of Bellydancing is a fantastic site that will make your head spin(.mov) with links to every aspect of the world's oldest dance. Maybe you just want to learn a cool party trick(.mov) or lose a few pounds(.mov). Whatever the reason, whether you're young or old, you too can learn. So make your harem pants and cook up some henna, but forget about the navel jewels. Need a little inspiration? Check out these great vintage galleries. Hurry up though because the 13th Annual Belly Dancer of the Universe competition is just weeks away! Questions? Ask the Gypsy.


January 29, 2003

Farewell from the Freakshow

This story is from 2001, but still interesting: it's about the mixed feelings surrounding the imminent closure of the last traveling American freak show. Television, tabloids, and the disability rights movement did them in. I wonder where they are today...


Dobby and Putin: Separated at Birth?

Dobby and Putin
A Russian law firm is suing Warner Brothers over the recent Harry Potter film, claiming the character of Dobby was modeled after Vladmir Putin. According to the article, the Russians are displeased. (I think we should pacify them by modeling Gollum after George W. Bush.)


January 24, 2003

Space Age Physics and Victorian Plumbing

Fascinating account from a science fiction author (read one of his stories, The Colder War) of a guided tour of a British nuclear power plant.


The Absolutely, Positively True Adventures of Dorelvis

A poignant tale of love and loss reenacted by plastic figures. Check out the action figure of Elvis as the rebound guy.


Constance Adams, Space Architect

She designed the International Space Station's TransHab module (a prototype for manned Mars missions) for future Rocketmen and women. "Architecture involves forming harmony around the human system, balancing culture, biology, planetary knowledge and technology in counterpoint to the unknowable."


The Century in Shoes

Did you know that Leonardo da Vinci might have also invented high heels? I didn't. Learn about 20th century shoes--and read a brief history of ancient shoes--on the Solemates site.